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Collages, Camera, Lighting, and Post-Production Practice

Exhibited Works

Party Dissociation 1-3 Series
in·position American University Studio Art Thesis Exhibition Spring 2022
April 2022

For this series, I decided I wanted to push most of the concepts I was working with earlier in the semester to new heights and attempt to alter them to create a “work within a work,” if you will. By that, I mean I revisit the concept of documenting sculptural pieces, but this time not in video format, but rather in photography. From there, I decided that plain documentation of the pieces would be somewhat expected, and given that the sculpture pieces can be worn, I thought it’d be best to document them on a person, which transforms the photos from being just documentation to becoming another connected piece of work to the sculptures themselves. That is, both the sculptures and the photos are meant to be seen as interconnected pieces, but the photos have an “added layer” to them by also doubling as documentation for the sculpture pieces. With the concept of things having multiple meanings in mind, that explains my choice of material for the sculptures as well as the setting for the photographs. All of the exterior materials for each of the sculptures are made out of party decor in order to transform their meaning and dissociate them from their “natural habitat,” which is also why I photographed them in nature, as opposed to in curated party settings. That is also why I directed my model to emote negatively and pose very rigidly to juxtapose the happiness and movement of parties and nature. Thus, Party Dissociation was born. As for how I would display such a series, I believe it could go either one of two ways. Either display the works in the woods on trees, which continues the juxtaposition of the party element, or reflect the work back in on itself and have a typical party setting where the pieces are hung on the wall like decor, which would cause the viewers to have to reflect on what they see- decor taken out of context and transformed but then re-placed back into context with new meaning.

Self Portrait.jpg

Second Life
"Identity" Student Photo Exhibition Spring 2023

October 2022

Ever since I was little, my parents have always told me that I should’ve been an actress because I was so dramatic. Now in my twenties, I’d agree not because I feel as though I’m dramatic, but rather because I feel like I’m always performing for everyone else. I feel as though I am mentally in a darker place than everyone else. While many call me a pessimist, I prefer to see myself as a realist, someone who isn’t afraid to confront the truth for what it is rather than what I hope it’d be. That being said, I love October, Halloween, and the like because it is the one time of year that I can expose my darkness to the world without being seen as crazy or weird. That is also why I have fallen in love with working at a haunted forest, the one place I can be my most authentic self. With that in mind, I wanted to capture myself in my ‘natural habitat’ without a performance. This is me at peace with the world, darkness and all.

2 exhibition version.jpg

D.C. Home Rule 50 Online and Pop Up Exhibition Spring 2023
February 2023

I have never been a D.C. resident, nor do I ever plan to be. That is because I am fortunate enough to live in Montgomery County Maryland, where I am afforded all the rights as a citizen of the states, while at the same time, can come and go into D.C. as I please without any of the repercussions of living in the Capitol. Despite spending much of my free time in D.C. and attending college there, I never had to worry about whether I am being represented properly. In fact, the whole concept of living in the states but not being afforded the same rights as other members of the states baffled me for the longest time. It was always something that I watched from afar, and thus these images were born. These images convey my perspective of what it’s like to watch this struggle from a distance, from the “WARNING YOU ARE ENTERING THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, THE NATION’S CAPITOL” sign that I had unknowingly passed on my way to school for years, to the sign with a “51” in the middle of the outline of D.C. taken just on the outskirts of D.C. across the street from houses in Maryland that have all of their rights.

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